Thursday, 20 December 2012

What, no Insulation!

Yesterday Derek decided to get out his renovator tool again and cut a doorway into the roof cavity of the living area on the mezzanine floor.  He had already successfully put a door in the back of the storage cupboard on the other side and it is a great place to store the suitcases and all the paraphernalia one collects over the years.

This turned out so well he decided that the other side of the roof area needed one too.  He had been given a lovely Rimu cupboard door for which he was cutting a hole to fit.  This would give access to another roof area where it would make it easy for extended electrical wiring for hot points and aerial points that we intend to install some time in the new year.

But what's this? Once the hole was cut we realised that we were over the bathroom area and there was no insulation.  Now in New Zealand all new houses need to be fully insulated as per building regulations. Someone had mucked up, and the Council Building Inspector should have spotted it too.


Even though the building warranty on our home had expired in October we felt that it was still the builders responsibility to rectify the problem.  It was worth asking anyway as the builders are still on site with other homes.

Walking across to the Motorhome to put something away ready for our departure next week, Derek met up with Adam, the Overseer, for the building work.  A quick question as to whether there should be insulation above the bathroom he received an exclamation that of course there should.  Adam obviously didn't believe Derek when he said there was none and wanted to know how Derek knew.  An explanation as to how he found out resulted in Adam coming to look for himself.  Well, next minute.  Derek came trotting back with almost a full bale of Batts courtesy of the developer to complete the job himself.  That will keep him busy for a while.

Today Derek headed off down to the Menz Shed for his weekly visit where he found other members clearing up in preparation for the Xmas break. A truck load of scrap metal and dead electrical gear was dispatched to the scrap metal merchant along with a trailer load of rubbish to the rubbish transfer station. With all this activity concluded Derek managed to find a suitable length of timber and with some assistance put it through the Router trimming it up to become the door frame for the above mentioned project.

He managed to tear himself away from the Shed in time to get a few groceries and be home for lunch with Uncle Bill and Aunty Gretta.


Tom and Jan said...

Ah Pink Batts.... Itchy itchy scratchy scratchy

Derek and Dot said...

Hi Tom and Jane

They don't appear to be so bad these days, must be a different composition to what they used to be.
Good luck at the weekend.