Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Some firsts for years and years!

Something has happened around here.  I must admit that I haven’t made a Christmas Cake or pudding since when the children were small.  New house, new plans, let’s see if I can still do it. The Christmas Cake was made last week with a new recipe with a tin of crushed pineapple added.  I must admit we had guests around the other day so it was cut.  Yum I made a success out of that.  Lets try a Christmas Pudding.

IMG_7920Christmas Pudding just out of the Pressure Cooker.

My sister Mary is a great cook and a fan of the Pressure Cooker, so she provided the unusual recipe.  Well its worth a try, I can’t go too far wrong can I?  This recipe has sago soaking in milk for at least 8 hours before mixing the rest.  It was planned for yesterday but I had forgotten to soak the sago.  Never mind I was all set to go this morning and what a success this was too.  Only 1¼ hours in the Pressure Cooker and it was all done.  I had no steam pudding basin but a stainless steel mixing bowl with baking paper and tinfoil did the trick.  I then managed to transfer it into a smaller bowl so that I can reheat it while away in our Motorhome Gypsy Rover.  Derek and I both scraped the bowl and it was yummy too.  I better not let this go to my head had I?

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cant wait till the Christmas eve ...yum yum yum