Thursday, 27 December 2012

Christmas we had a heatwave!

Safely parked at Carterton.

Despite still being in the process of getting our new home sorted out we had a long standing arrangement to travel to Carterton for Christmas and New Year. On Monday 24th we set off via Shannon across the road known as the “PahiatuaTrack”. It may have been a bullock track originally but it is now a well sealed highway.


Christmas Day was a scorcher with temperatures in the mid thirties, too hot to even eat let alone anything else. Friday the 28th and the weather couldn’t have been more opposite with rain and one hell of a thunder storm. We heard it coming from the South and the thunder just kept rumbling. As it passed over head a clap of thunder literally shook everything and no doubt frightened the hell out of everybody with a nervous disposition. We could still hear the thunder as the storm moved northwards towards Hawkes Bay.

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