Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Double Full House!

Yesterday we decided to head off to our local Focal Pont Cinema to see a movie.  We had decided on one of two for the morning session.  Gold card members get free coffee and morning tea on a Monday or Tuesday morning.

Were we surprised when we arrived and found that one of the movies “Philomena” starring Judy Dench was full.  Never mind that had been our second choice and we had come to see the “The Book Thief”.  Purchasing our tickets and collecting our free morning tea we headed into the theatre.

When we have been there before we had the theatre to ourselves but not today as the theatre gradually filled up until there was not an empty seat. A great movie, worth seeing.  Now that takes one off the list two more to go, when can we squeeze them into our busy schedule?

Two full houses in one session, a real surprise, shows the calibre of the movies shown.

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