Saturday, 11 January 2014

Water Lily!

IMG_8878Our first water lily.

When the pool was put in the backyard a couple of months ago, our friend Bill kindly gave us 8 fish for it.  We then thought it would be nice to have a water lily so that the fish could shelter underneath it. Heading north out of Levin SH1 there is a large pond covered in water lilies. 

A sign outside said they were for sale so in we went.  We were asked what colour we wanted and we suggested pink.  Ok, no guarantees as they are hard to know what the colour is until they flower.  We have been watching this bud coming up for a couple of weeks.  As we are away next weekend I was convinced it would flower then.  But no, today she opened and yes it is pink.  There are now another couple of buds appearing which no doubt will open while we are away.

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