Thursday, 2 January 2014


Yeah right.  I now have my computer back from the doctors and it  is now up and running again, although it has hiccupped once since, when I was trying to restart it.  Fingers crossed that normal operating will be resumed.

The problem according to the technician was that ‘Windows’ had become corrupted. No known reason why, (and no other problems found, even under a stress test) although I know that the computer was doing a ‘Windows or Microsoft Update’ at the time. We will see what happens in the future. 

Despite being out of warranty for 6 months, the problem was repaired under warranty.  Thank you Samsung.


Peter Berry said...

My own laptop was corrupted and stopped working after a Windows update. I managed to fix it myself by reverting to the previous restore point created when the update happens. I have now disabled updates, preferring to have something that works reliably rather than up to date!

Derek and Dot said...

Hi Peter and Margaret
Thanks for your comment. Yes I had tried 2 or 3 system restore points to no avail. B****** windows.