Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Couldn't be a worse weekend

Sunday we were still moored at Wootton Wawen, Stratford on Avon Canal

Unbelievable, come Sunday morning amongst the and snow, hail and sleet our Mikuni central heating fired up and ran for an hour and then died. A quick trip down the engine room by Derek confirmed our worst fears, the glow plug had died again and no replacement available. As we have no other source of heating except a small fan heater which requires the engine running because of the power drain we decided there was nothing for it but make a run for Warwick. After Tracey left for home after lunch we pulled the pins and headed up to the closest lock where we moored for the night. The plan was to leave early morning and at least get as far as Kingswood Junction.


Kingswood Junction where we turn off for the Grand Union


Unknown said...

Hi Guys, Thank you for the Tesco info we have successfully had deliveries from Tescos at Ansty on the North Oxford, from Coventry and now from Duck Bend Stoke Golding on the Ashby from Tescos at Ashby. We are new to this but doesn;t it make life easier.!!!!

alex said...

Hi Dot , Derek

We do feel for you the same happened to us in January on the T&M fortunately we were on a hire boat so just one phone call was all it took to get the heating back on but it was two day's later!

We do hope you manage to sort the problem out and are not too uncomfortable.

Keep the cuddles flowing !!

Alex & Chris