Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Storm, What Storm?

4 locks and 1½ miles. Now moored above Lock 10 Atherstone Flight

The storm warning that was forecast for early this morning was a bit of a fizzer, sure it was windy and it did rain but nothing unusual to what we have experienced previously. I think we must be on the cusp of the storm as the radio station is reporting damage in Wales and the South of England. Even London and Heathrow have been affected with many flight cancellations.

First job of the day was to reverse back to bridge 43 where there is better road access for Pete to come and collect the timber and foam. When Pete arrived the weather was sunny and dry which was good as we could transfer the gear without it getting wet. After topping Pete up with a coffee for his trip home we walked into town where we found the ALDI store and bought some fresh vegetables and the usual bread and milk. Once this was stowed away on board we opted to move on even though there was still a storm warning in place. It was becoming overcast and windy but nothing too serious. At lock 7 we met up with Iain and Alison on the coal boat "Gosty Hill" who were heading back to Hartshill. As we exited the lock we ran aground as the pound was at least a foot below normal. Iain managed to squeeze past us which allowed us to slide into the main channel and deeper water. To start with we didn't make much head way but Iain spotted that we had picked something up off the bottom and fouled the propeller. A couple of blast's in reverse and we cleared the prop and were under way again. We carried on to Whitley bridge which is a decorative iron footbridge but minus it's decking so it doesn't get used these days but somebody keeps it beautifully painted.


At this stage it was just starting to spit with rain so we moored up just before lock 10 to wait and see what the weather was going to do. We will probably stay here overnight and carry on tomorrow. As I sit here writing this blog the sun has just broken through the murk, funny old weather eh! Now I think I will go and try out one of the new armchairs, wow are they comfortable.


903 locks, 1282½ miles, 38 Tunnels, 41 swing bridges and 19 lift bridges since Nov 2006

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Elli said...

Comfortable looking chair! I bet you're happy with them. Sounds like the price was right too. Good for you!