Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Birth place of the Tudor Dynasty

With another beautiful day in the offing, a marked difference to yesterday’s rubbish weather, we set off along the towpath back to bridge 25 to have a look at the old Stoke Golding Railway Station which is now a private residence. It would appear that a farmer owns the place as he has made good use of the old track bed and road bridge.

Stoke Golding Station on the Ashby & Nuneaton joint railway. Closed in 1931.

From the old station we walked up the hill into Stoke Golding,where King Henry VII was crowned on 22nd August 1485 after the death of Richard III in the Battle of Bosworth ending the War of the Roses.

As we were admiring the church a gentleman offered us the key to have a look inside. The key was huge and one that you wouldn’t want to carry it around in your pocket.

Who's got the key of the door? You wouldn't want to carry this one around in your pocket.

St Margaret of Antioch Church Stoke Golding. New bells were installed in the 20th century.

There has been a church on the site since the 13th century. We stopped at the local newsagent for a few bits and pieces and then headed back in a different direction. This route took us closer towards Hinckley and the Triumph Motorcycle factory. Walking past one property we spotted a chicken and rooster and I started making chicken noises, with that the rooster came running over and just about climbed onto the top of the hedge to see who this intruder was invading his territory. I wouldn’t have wanted to have got into a scrap with him as he still had a mean set of spurs on his legs.

Derek's imitation chook sounds bought this little critter up to see who was encroaching on his territory. He came complete with natural fighting spurs.

After turning away from Hinckley we eventually found ourselves at bridge 21. We opted to follow the road on the non towpath side of the canal back to bridge 22.We had been on our feet for about 3 hours by the time we returned to the boat and were glad of a cuppa and a bite of lunch. After all that exercise we were quite happy for a quiet afternoon on the boat.

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