Thursday, 5 March 2009

Coventry Museums and Cathedrals

Coventry Cathedral was destroyed by enemy action on 14th November 1940

The new cathedral is built at right angles and adjoining the one destroyed by fire

The third and existing cathedral was consecrated in 1962

Today has been another spring time day, sunny but cool. We headed off into the city centre to discover more of the city’s history. A visit to Coventry wouldn’t be complete without calling into the old Cathedral burnt out during WWII and its remains left standing as a memorial to the hundreds of people killed that terrible night. There were so many killed that they had to be buried in a common grave at what is now the London Road cemetery.

With the new cathedral next door and the city’s Museum and Art Gallery across the street we had plenty to see. It was interesting to discover that Coventry has a long history of manufacturing going back centuries. It all started with weaving until the French automated it with the Jacquard loom. Many weavers were forced to emigrate to Canada and Australia to start new lives. Then came clock and watch making followed by engineering, bicycle production and finally motor vehicles of all shapes and sizes. There were also several short video displays of life in and around the city over the decades and through WWII. All very educational and interesting.

After lunch it was back to the Transport Museum which is constantly updating their displays. We have been there before but we still found many new things of interest. At present they are working on a Dr Who display which will be opening shortly.

Derek stands by the Frank Whittle Arch in Coventry

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Jenny and Robin said...

Coventry Cathedral was on our "must see" list when we visited last year. It is marvelous how the architects have incorporated the old remaining structure alongside the new building. We found it very poignant indeed.
The Transport Museum was another delight. All those Penny Farthing bikes!! Robin was fascinated with all the various cars and motor bikes produced over ythe years.