Sunday, 15 March 2009

Travelling on 4 wheels for a change.

For the past 2 days we have spent a fair bit of our time in the company of fellow kiwis John and Elizabeth on Nb Helen Louise. They very kindly offered to take us around in their car on their days off from work. Unfortunately we didn’t spend as much time together as planned as John had put the car into the garage to get the brakes fixed which took 2 days instead of the planned one day. The problem was after new slave cylinders had been fitted they were unable to bleed the brakes. Suspecting the master cylinder to be at fault a new one had to be bought in but even after this had been fitted the brakes would still not bleed. Finally the problem was found to be a faulty slave cylinder.

Friday night we went out for dinner at the Rugger Tavern in Nuneaton where you get a 3 course meal for £3.50 a head. Even at this price there was plenty to choose from and nobody went home hungry.

Today we went over to Nuneaton to collect our prescriptions from Boots the Chemist and some mail that had been sent Post Restante. It wasn’t our day as the prescriptions hadn’t arrived from our Doctor which was very unusual and the mail had been opened and tampered with because certain items of value we knew were in the mail were missing.

While we were in the area John took us to see a Hansom cab and a horse drawn carriage that are on display housed at a local hotel/conference centre and were made in the district. After this we went to look at Kenilworth Castle which is very visible from the road. While there a bridal party arrived for their wedding photo’s with the castle in the background. They had no sooner left when another wedding car arrived with a blushing bride about to marry in the chapel of the castle. The wedding car was very unusual in that it was a Beauford which we were told was a kit set car and had been built 12 years ago and yet it looked as if it had just been driven out of the car sales showroom.

The kitset car, isnt she beautiful?

Many thanks to John and Elizabeth for their guided tour and we will catch up with them again before we leave the Ashby.

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