Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Have a Chuckle over this.

Reading the New Zealand news on the Internet this morning we came across this some what amusing article where a youth found that he wasn’t as tough as he thought he was. Probably just alcohol fuelled stupidity.

“Elderly woman fights off youth with rolling pin
A Hamilton woman in her 70s hit a teenager trying to break into her house with a rolling pin, police arrived to find him in tears

3 March 2009
Hamilton police are praising a frightened, elderly woman who fought off an aggressive youth with a rolling pin.
The woman, who is in her seventies, lives alone. She was woken at 3.30am on Saturday by a youth swearing and banging on her door, claiming he lived there. He smashed the glass door and stuck his head through.
The woman called 111 then hit him on the head with the rolling pin - and when he stayed she hit him a second and third time. When police arrived he was still there, crying.
He has been bailed to his parents' house and referred to youth aid. “

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Nb Yarwood said...

Here the 'old lady' would have spent the night in the cells charged with assault and the youth would be receiving counselling of course

Derek and Dot said...

Hi Lesley
Yes it is a bit like that at home too, we have had victims of aggravated robbery charged with murder while defending themselves.