Sunday, 28 March 2010

Bye Bye Birmingham.

3 Locks, 13.29 Miles, 3 Tunnels. Now moored at Wolverhampton.

We had come to the end of a very enjoyable visit to the BCN and due to a long cruise to Wolverhampton we left Cambrian Wharf around 8.30am. With an improvement in weather we are starting to see more boats out and about now and today was no exception. One of the boats was the joint venture tug and butty from Wolverhampton Probation service and BW clearing rubbish from the canal heading towards Factory locks. From the amount of guys on the boats and the rubbish collected I think most of them were just taking advantage of a good thing.

The wildlife we spotted today were well into the new breeding season with a pair of swans already brooding over a clutch of egg’s and Coot’s still busily building their nests. One surprise just after leaving Factory lock’s was a very healthy looking Fox in the Reed bed between the canal and factories.

Arriving at Wolverhampton it was a case of where to moor? There are secure 24hr moorings between Mill St bridge and Broad St bridge, Broad St basin which only had room for 1 boat or between the top lock and Broad St bridge which have access to town but of course are unsecure. We took the first option even though there is no access to town from here hence the secure moorings, they can only be accessed by boat.

2181 locks, 4225.87 miles, 91 tunnels, 130 swing bridges and 58 lift bridges since Nov 2006

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