Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Next stop Walsall!

0 Locks, 10.10 Miles. Now moored at Walsall top lock.

After a very enjoyable stay at Anglesey Basin it was time to move on. Unfortunately we missed a rare sight this morning  but luckily Derek on Uccello was on the spot to capture the moment. Five Deer wandering along the grass verge of the dam oblivious to numerous early morning walkers and a dog.  We will try and scrounge the photo that he took for you to see.

Tame Valley 100 BW facilities at Brownshill on the Wryley & Essington Canal.

There was plenty of wild life activity along the way starting with the swan we spotted 2 days ago just starting to build his nest. He has now completed it to a height of about 18” – 24” and was sitting on it looking quite pleased with himself. There was plenty of other activity with Moorhens and Coots all starting to build nests in reeds and fallen tree branches.

Tame Valley 108Looking straight up the Cannock extension of the Wryley & Essington Canal.

While trying to moor up Brownhills Tesco store we got  stuck on a large submerged object alongside the old market and where there was a large hole in the fencing alongside the canal. We leant over on an odd angle and were unable to move. Luckily Uccello was close at hand and towed us free.

Tame Valley 111 Looking back at Pelsall Junction, Wryley & Essington Canal. Looks like a good place to moor alongside the park.

Other than a very long length of rope around Uccello’s prop and a tyre retread around our prop the rest of the days travels were relatively plain sailing. We had contemplated a quick visit up the Cannock Extension but decided against it in the interests of time.

Tame Valley 113 Pelsall works bridge 1824.

2162 locks, 4197.33 miles, 87 tunnels, 130 swing bridges and 58 lift bridges since Nov 2006

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