Friday, 5 March 2010

Love this sunshine.

0 Locks 6.73 Miles, 1 Tunnel, Now moored at Tipton Green.

We had a surprisingly quiet night at Bentley bridge. The huge car park next to us was busier overnight than it had been during the day. Obviously the huge cinema complex and ten pin bowling centre are very popular with the local’s around here.

Wednesfield 011 Security camera and gates to protect their vehicle.

Before we departed from Bentley bridge Dot and Carrie went off and had hair cuts and re-styled and came back as different women. We were later getting away than planned due to the above. The journey back to Tipton was pretty uneventful but the sunshine more than made up for it. Dot made the most of the water and power by doing some washing while cruising but when we arrived at Tipton the Inverter was complaining about lack of power.

Wednesfield 018Which way?

At Tipton we moored on the park moorings which about half a mile short of the Dudley Tunnel and Black Country Museum. I then had to check out the electrical system to see what was going on. It transpired that the positive cable on the small alternator had snapped off so it was no wonder we were not getting a full supply of power. With the other Derek’s help we made a temporary repair and then spent quite some time trying to locate somebody who can make a permanent repair. This will take place on Saturday.

2105 locks, 4138.87 miles, 82 tunnels, 130 swing bridges and 58 lift bridges since Nov 2006

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