Thursday, 11 March 2010

Park Head locks

Dudley 114 Leading to the Dudley Tunnel. The disused Bumble Hole railway branch line crosses the canal in the background.Dudley 113


stevecarter said...

I hope you are enjoying your stay in the Black Country.

I am Vicar of the church with the square tower on Netherton Hill. You can see it from where you are moored, and the Dudley No.2 goes right round the hill to Windmill End, where my second church is adjacent to Fox & Goose Bridge.

I boat on nb Chyandour (belonging to a friend who is a retired clergyman) which is based at Wombourne on the Staffs & Worcs.

Happy travelling.

Peace and all good.

Stephen Carter

Derek and Dot said...

Hi Stephen
Great to hear from you, your church does dominate the skyline around here, a shame more boaters do not venture onto the BCN rather than passing through. A pity that the reputation frightens so many boaters off. It did us for several years we must admit, a big mistake. Thanks for the kind wishes and we hope you enjoy your boating as much as we do.