Monday, 21 February 2011


After months of unsuccessfully looking to buy some jersey knit sheets, I finally found some online. So last week I ordered some jersey stretch sheets from Tony Textiles in Yorkshire.  We received the order very quickly within a day or so.  Unfortunately the sheets were the incorrect colour.  We sent off an email immediately and awaited a reply.  A couple of days later a replacement parcel arrived with the correct colour.  Great!  What to do now, no instructions on sending the original ones back.  Oh well, repack and down to the Post Office.  Well £7 odd later and they were on their way back up north.  Originally paying only £3.95 for delivery, it cost twice as much to return them.  Still no response from the company so emailing them and asking for the cost of the postage to be returned we received an email to say they would do this.  Checking our bank account I discovered that this had already been done the day before.  Great service although it would have been better to have received an email or instructions in the replacement parcel explaining the procedure at the beginning.

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