Sunday, 6 February 2011

Businessmen? Yeah Right

Now for another rant. Ringing up or emailing businesses about purchasing their products and services and not receiving any reply. If they are not going to answer their emails why have website advertising? I have been trying to contact Insurance companies for Motorhome insurance and driving schools about my driving licence. After waiting 5 days five insurance companies have failed to respond and likewise 1 driving school. These people or companies don’t deserve to be in business. They are all s**t out of luck now anyway as I have resolved both problems.

On the subject of insurance I had received 2 quotes of £860 and £933 before I decided to Google search for insurance for the over Fifties. This bought up Insurance Choice who have quoted me a mere £320, for exactly the same cover, what a difference!


Peter Berry said...

We seem to be very poor at customer service in the UK. At the end of our time owning our cruiser I investigated replacing its original engine and stern drive to make it reliable and economical to use on river estuaries, i.e. change the petrol engine for a diesel. I emailed two specialist companies in that field for quotes on work that I estimated would be worth around £6000! Neither company replied, and that confirmed our decision to sell up and buy the narrowboat.

Derek and Dot said...

Hi Peter
Yes we have found many instances of poor customer service in this country, these are only the latest two. In New Zealand these companies just wouldn't survive.
Enjoy your boating, we did.

nbchance said...

Hi Dot and Derek

Try CIS Ltd (Co-op) we insure ours with them for £220 a year, very good as well if you happen o=to have a claim as we did last year. Doug

Derek and Dot said...

Hi Doug
Thanks for that wish we'd known that before, didn't think of Co op.

Sue said...

Don't forget for cashback on insurance too!

Derek and Dot said...

Hi Sue
Yes forgot that. Take care both of you and happy cruising.

Elly and Mick said...

I get really frustrated with this too! I have encountered it twice in the last few months so it isn't only in the UK. It is ridiculous to offer email as a contact option if there isn't any response. I think it is happening more because small businesses feel they should have a website to keep up to date but they don't have the computer skills to maintain the website and keep up with responding to it.

On the plus side I've also had fabulous service and feedback a couple of times recently too.

Have added insurance to my list of things to investigate. :)

Derek and Dot said...

Hi Ellie
We used for the boat, easy and all done online. It is so hard to get good customer service here, probably just due to population numbers.