Saturday, 5 February 2011

Photo Rustlers.

After reading Sue’s blog on Nb No Problem this morning about somebody putting one of her photo’s on their blog without her permission we got curious. Searching through Google Images we found a lot of our photo’s, some going back four years, which according to the script attached had been accredited to other blogs. However when you check the source of the photo our name came up. Funnily enough alongside the photo’s on Google Images it states quite clearly that these images may be copyrighted. Originally we had nothing on our photos but now we have ‘© Gypsy Rover’ on them all. Obviously a lot of people ignore this. We actually found quite a lot of our photo’s that had been stolen, some we recall had requested use of the photo and accredited it to us, thank you, but many hadn’t. Unfortunately there were too many to do what Sue did, placing a Raspberry on their site, however we will say, IF YOU WANT TO BORROW OUR PICTURES IT’S ONLY POLITE TO ASK!

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