Thursday, 8 June 2017

Auckland and on to London

Mary and Tony dropped me at the airport for my evening flight to Singapore. All checked in with a lovely surprise at my seat.

Lovely welcome from Air New Zealand.

Travelling on the new Dreamliner aircraft I was most impressed with the service, comfort and food.  I can see why Air New Zealand won the coveted Best Airline award this week for the 9th consecutive year.  I had a great window seat with an empty seat alongside and a beautiful new aircraft.

Arriving early morning in Singapore I had 6 hours to fill in before my flight to London Heathrow. Plenty of walking and window shopping in the meantime.

No sign what this symbolised at the airport.
Changi Airport looked empty but it was deceiving.

Leaving almost on time my flight on Singapore Airlines was no comparison with Air New Zealand. Admittedly I was unable to select my seat and ended up in the second to last row. 

The flight was the most turbulent I have ever travelled on and the Captain had to ask the cabin crew to be seated a couple of times until it settled down.  I believe the back of a plane is not the best place to be in these circumstances and would have been much better over the wing where I am normally seated.
I was most disappointed with Singapore Airlines, the service, food and comfort were no comparison with Air New Zealand. I don't think I am being biased either. Thirteen and a half hours later I arrived at Heathrow absolutely shattered after having no sleep.

I was pleased to find Tracey and Paul at the airport to meet me. A coffee was on the cards, thanks Paul, before we drove the half hour to Carshalton on the Hill where Tracey lives.
Emptying my suitcase I was rapped to find the two glass breakables I had taken over to Tracey had remained intact. Thank you for the great packaging Derek.

A great sleep followed and I am now ready for my new adventure.

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