Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Friendly March!

From left Julie, Dot and Mick

I recently spent a wonderful few days with Julie, Mick and Pam in March, Cambridgeshire. It was hard to believe that nearly six years have passed since Derek and I rented the apartment off them after selling Narrow boat Gypsy Rover and waiting for our Autotrail motor home to be built.
Doesn't time fly?

Gypsy Rover at Mick and Julie's March 2011

Our apartment where we lived for nearly a year is to the right of the picture. We enjoyed our time in the area and it hasn't changed a bit. Except for the addition on a beautiful set of gates across the driveway for added security and I needed a code to enter.

2017 Mustang! Is that me behind the Wheel?

Once in a lifetime for me!

Mustang steering wheel

Julie and Mick have just had their 30th Wedding Anniversary and confirmation of their vows. Unfortunately although invited it was a couple of weeks prior to my arrival. What did Mick give Julie as a wedding anniversary present? None less than a 2017 Mustang. Scarce as hens teeth. Now, how could I turn down an offer to sit behind the steering wheel? I would never again get the opportunity.  I'm sure my husband won't be buying me one for our anniversary in a couple of months.
After a great visit Mick and Julie drove me to Cambridge in his new electric/diesel Mercedes to catch the bus back to London. Might as well see the countryside from a different angle.

Across the field from Cambridge bus stop.

2 hours later and I was back in London. The photos are only taken from the bus but give you an idea.

Unfortunately the light as we passed Big Ben was wrong but never mind there will be another day.

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