Friday, 30 June 2017

Epsom Surrey.

Epsom clock tower.

Yesterday I decided  to get brave and head off alone towards Epsom in Surrey. Not the namesake Epsom in Auckland.
The reason was I wanted to visit Lakeland for a couple of items on my shopping list from home. Success with the tap adaptor I wanted, it was reduced because of damaged packaging. No problem as it would be coming out of the packaging to be packed in my suitcase anyway.

I also wanted to check out the New Zealand Easiyo sachets that I was aware they stocked. At home I always make my own yoghurt and planned on doing the same here.  Unfortunately they were all in boxes of 5 of the same flavour. So back to the drawing board at Holland and Barrett where I can buy individual sachets. The flavours are the same as at home and the price is similar (if I was earning GB£'s instead of NZ$' S). Something I haven't seen at home are the choice of making smaller containers in the same Easily maker.  Must look for those.

Wandering around this country village, I even shouted myself to a panini and coffee, before finding the place to catch my bus back to Tracey's.

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