Thursday, 29 June 2017

Nonsuch Country Fair.

Believe it or not we're in London.

Sunday and Tracey and I decided to catch a couple of buses and visit the lovely village of Cheam. Our plan was to visit the local country fair. First we wandered through the lovely Nonsuch Park, where lots of the locals were picnicking in the grounds.

Nonsuch Mansion House has links to Henry VIII
Tracey at the entrance to the garden.

We made the most of the lovely afternoon and wandered through the park to the fair.

Every fair needs a Merry Go Round
Giant Zorb balls are fun in the pool.
What? Pink coloured from beetroot juice.

We spent some time wandering around and taking it all in. You do get to see some sights at these places. We decided to treat ourselves to lunch and I had my first pork pie in seven years. Don't fret Derek was not one of the best.

Not your usual colour for a UK postbox.

Heading back to Cheam we passed this gold coloured postbox painted to commemorate a gold medal won by a local athlete at the Olympic Games 2012.

The Harrow the local public house in Cheam.

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