Thursday, 27 July 2017

A Canterbury night out

The huge mask is called the Bulkhead.

A night out in Canterbury was organised by Carrie to an outdoor show organised by Marlowe Theatre. The theatre was named after Christopher Marlowe a playright who was a contemporary of William's Shakespeare and he attended school in Canterbury. The face mask was the work of a Sculptor Rick Kirkby which was bought by the council. It was originally in the old theatre then replaced in the outside seating area when the theatre was rebuilt.
After a lovely evening meal at a local restaurant in the city we made our way to the theatre. 

Assembling for the production.
Ready for the show.
All the actors all robed up.

I must admit I was not exactly sure of the storyline as we followed the cast around the centre of Canterbury. Each scene was in a different part of the city and we had to hurry up not to miss the next scene. We received a few strange looks from members of the public as we all streamed through the city.

A watch tower where one of the scenes were acted.
Quick photo on the way past.
Canterbury Cathedral in the distance.
River Stour wanders through the town.

Although Derek and I had visited Canterbury before I was unaware that the River Stour runs right through the city centre. This provides some wonderful photo opportunities, to an ex boatie anyway.

River Stour just before nightfall.

Wandering through the city after nightfall was a little disconcerting to someone like me. It was very hard to see the difference in the surface of the terrain in the dark.
A great evening was had by all as we drove back to Fabersham.

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