Saturday, 29 July 2017

Mayfield Lavender Fields

Across the fields to Mayfield

I never realised how close to the country was Tracey's home. Carshalton in Surrey is very close to the Mayfield Lavender fields says Tracey. Well I know I used to walk a lot further but my knees complain a lot now. Boy have I done a lot of walking in the last few weeks, seen some wonderful places but I will need to go home for a rest.  The Lavender fields were a walk across some lovely countryside, up and down hills. Eventually we arrived there.

Tracey amongst the lavendar
Tractor and trailer giving rides around Lavender.

The place was very busy and we wandered through the Lavender for an hour or so before having quick luncheon.

Luncheon with Lavender lemonade.

We had to try out the Lavender lemonade which was served with a scone, strawberry jam and clotted cream.
After our long walk we decided to catch a bus or buses around the villages on our way back.


Jenny said...

That looks a lovely lunch, and walking amongst the lavender is so pretty. I've never heard of lavender lemonade before? Was it nice?

Derek and Dot said...

Yes Jenny forgot to mention the scones were Lavender flavour as well. Not too sure of either of them. 😊