Saturday, 8 July 2017

The Mighty Thames

Kingston Bridge over the River Thames.

Being so close to one of my favourite spots on the River Thames I just had to spend a day here. Maybe some of the friends we made while living on the narrow boat were around!

A bit of research was required to find which bus route was the best for me to remember. It's surprising what the brain can remember when it has to. An hour or so later and I recognised the bus stop in Kingston close to the river where I alighted.

I headed directly for the river and it was exactly as I remembered. The spot where we had moored whilst viewing Hampton Court Palace here nearly ten years ago now.

Mooring where we were years ago.

I stood and watched as a narrow boat came downstream and turning around and moored where we had previously. Just along the river bank through Bushey Park is Hampton Court Palace. Former home of Henry the VIII.

The swans are still here.
Going for a cruise on the Thames.
Unusual colouring here.

I wandered along the river bank towards Hampton Court Palace before retracing my steps towards Kingston.

It looks a long way when I look back.

I noticed a very interesting roof of a boat moored alongside the path. The roof was lined with artificial grass and a small diarama was placed on top, very well done.

Looks beautiful.
Brings back memories.

Walking underneath the bridge leading to the horse fair.

I assume this is some sort of boat.

I went looking through the town for the following telephone boxes. I knew I had seen them before but couldn't remember where. My memory  is not as bad as I thought it was.

A row of telephone boxes in Kingston.

Heading in search of my bus stop back to Carshalton I wandered through this alleyway.

You should stay dry in this alley.

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