Friday, 1 December 2006

Still here.

0 Locks and 100 metres.
Because it is nice and peaceful here above Boxmoor lock we decided 'why move if you don’t have to' (except the 100 metres we pulled forward as we were sitting on a ledge and the boat was leaning over (most uncomfortable)). Not only that, but it’s nice and handy to Hemel Hempstead town centre which is the equal of any shopping centre’s in London without the crowds and hustle and bustle. There are plenty of home improvements / DIY stores around within 15 minutes walk so it’s very convenient for Derek to get bits and pieces for the modifications he is working on.
Our new power supply set up is working well and providing we are careful with our usage each night we only have to run the motor for less than an hour a day to restore the batteries.

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