Tuesday, 5 December 2006

Bats in the belfry

6 Locks and 2 1/ 2 miles.
We are on the move again after a nice break at Apsley Mills returning to Winkwell to get a cratch frame and rear doors made. We will also get the covers measured but probably won’t get them this side of Xmas.
Our timing was perfect because after we arrived at Winkwell it stared to rain.
Just before we set off from Apsley Mills we loaded and started the washer drier to give it a trial run. The wash cycle seemed to take for ever but that may have been because of the setting Dot set the machine on but it eventually did complete the full cycle. We monitored the inverter the whole time and were pleased to see that the load monitor only went up to 70% so we are more than happy with our power supply and the washer drier.
The wash cycle had finished by the time we arrived at Winkwell so we decided to give the drier a run. As the battery monitor was only just showing 12v we left the engine running to be on the safe side. By the time the washing was dry the batteries were also fully charged so everything worked very satisfactorily.
Just before we arrived in Winkwell we passed under a railway bridge and what Derek thought was a small bird flew very close to us and then skimmed across the water surface. In the period of 10 minutes this happened again no less than 3 times and the last time it flew so close to Derek’s head he said that had he had a net he could have caught a BAT. Now we thought that bats were nocturnal and this was only 3.30pm but it was dark and overcast.
On further investigation it appears that there is a bat colony living in a dis-used chalk mine at Roughdown Common which is probably only a mile or so from here. The main inhabitants are Pipistrelle bats which feed on insects and there were certainly plenty of them flitting around this evening.

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