Friday, 15 December 2006

Back to Work

2 Locks and 1/2 mile.
Yesterday we went through lock 67 down to Apsley.marina for a pump out & water fill. It was a bit breezy at the time but we still managed to get in & out of the marina without any mishaps.
After going back up through lock 67 we turned & got our original mooring as nothing is moving on the canal at present.
As we are compelled to stay here until after January we called into a employment agency to see about some temp work and bingo Derek got a job straight away starting 8.30 tomorrow morning but Dot may have to wait a day or 2 until something suitable turns up.
So, no more sleeping in, it’s back to reality for a wee while.
The attached photo is at a relatively new business estate of 4 commercial office buildings next to the canal at Hemel Hempstead, all named after famous canal pioneers.

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