Thursday, 7 December 2006

Alterations progress

0 Locks and 0 miles.
We have now been at Middlesex & Herts boat yard in Winkwell near Hemel Hempstead for 2 days and we now have ½ a cratch frame and new front fender mountings. We got fed up with the front fender or tipcat not hanging properly, it was always lopsided. We will also leave here with a new hemp rope fender which will be soaked in oil and creosote to keep out earwigs.Derek has not been idle either, he is re-varnishing the bathroom to protect the woodwork and when it’s dry he will fit a new shower assembly and shower screen. No more cold shower curtains wrapping around us while showering.The fan/light that he fitted last week has now been modified so that it has its own switch and doesn’t come on every time the lights are switched on. He has also caught up with routine maintenance by checking the batteries, greasing the rudder and refilling the propeller shaft greaser.
Last night we abandoned ship for a while to get away from the smell of the new varnish. There is a little pub just across the road which has been in existence since 1535. Its claim to fame are the 4 fireplaces, uneven tile floor, original oak beams and the 2 friendly ghosts who were a highway man and an old lady.

Christmas is coming to the canal.
This photo is taken on the Grand Union canal at Winkwell, the boats are moored in front of us. Making our own christmas lights look almost insignificant. Pity more people cannot see the magnificant display.

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