Monday, 11 December 2006

Change of scenery

6 Locks and 2 1/2 miles.
Woke up to a really good frost this morning, second one in a row. The steel work having now been completed there is no need for us to stay at Winkwell so we have moved back down to Apsley Mills which is closer to civilization and supermarkets etc: As Middlesex & Herts Boats had run out of diesel we had a choice of going to Watford or returning to Winkwell later in the week. We had half a tank of diesel but we didn’t want it to get too low. However as we arrived at Apsley we ran into Peter Hawker on n/b’s Bletchley & Argos delivering coal and diesel so we bought diesel from him which turned out to be a bonus as his price is only 49p per litre. After a late lunch we nipped over to Sainsbury’s supermarket for a few essentials just before they closed. We are now settled in for the night but we are being buffeted by wind gusts which we have not had a problem with before this but hey that’s boating for you.

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