Monday 20 August 2007

Getting organised.

0 Locks, 6 Miles, 1 Tunnel. Now moored at Clifton upon Dunsmore.
590 locks, 752½ miles, 20 Tunnels, 37 swing bridges and 19 lift bridges since Nov 2006

We awoke to find that there had been some heavy overnight rain and it was a case of break out the wellies (gumboots) as the long grass, BW take note, would soon saturate a pair of shoes or sneakers.

Mid morning and I went to see Mike on Snecklifter to exchange ideas, hints and tips on servicing. Dot also had an exchange of ideas regarding accessing the internet and Satellite and Freeview TV reception. Food for thought.

After lunch we had to say our goodbye’s as Snecklifter will be heading North tomorrow and we have to go back to Rugby for a couple of days before heading off up to Coventry. I understand there is a museum of the car manufacturing history of Coventry which I am looking forward to seeing. There were so many boats on the move today that it was slow going but with the kids going back to school very soon it will surely quieten down. As we approached a line of moored boats we could see one breasted up against a moored boat. Before we came abreast of these boats we realised that it was a coal and diesel boat. As we pulled alongside they said that we could have diesel so here we were 3 abreast across the canal. A hire boat chose to hang back even though he could have got past but just as we pulled away after paying the vendor a boat travelling in the opposite direction decided he wasn’t going to wait and ploughed on through.

Our first leg of today’s journey was down to Brownsover for a visit to Tesco’s after this we carried on down to Clifton. Just after leaving Brownsover it started to rain, just light drizzle but as our journey progressed the rain became heavier.

Opposite Clifton Cruisers yard we pulled in just to check ahead that our usual mooring by the golf course was available. Luckily it was clear so we moved down and moored up. We are actually opposite the local allotments where there is an apple tree with beautiful bright red apples just going to waste on the ground.

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