Thursday 16 August 2007

Thunder and down pours.

9 Locks, 14 Miles. Now moored at Braunston.
587 locks, 731½ miles, 18 Tunnels, 37 swing bridges and 19 lift bridges since Nov 2006

7a.m. and the weather was nice and fine but by the time we set off after breakfast things were starting to become overcast. We managed to get the locks out of the way without getting drenched but as we stopped for lunch the sky opened up and absolutely pelted down with rain. We had just finished lunch when there was an ominous roll of thunder but the rain had eased.

Napton on the hill windmill

We waited until the weather improved before setting off again. Except for meeting boats at bridge holes it was a pretty straight forward run up to Braunston. We turned left at Braunston junction for Rugby and just around the corner we spotted n/b Valerie but Les was out probably in one of the local hostelries. We moored up 5 boats past Les and we had no sooner sat down for a cuppa when the skies opened up again with more thunder.

British Waterways workmen erecting new pilings on the side of the Oxford Canal

Another interesting boat has just passed us, non other than Mike Stevens on n/b Felis Catus III. Well Mike was actually conspicuous by his absence and his good lady, Wendy was at the helm getting drenched. As she approached bridge 90 she had to do a quick back pedal because another boat had stopped under the bridge to shelter from the rain AND feed the swans and cygnets, would you believe it! In carrying out this reversing manouvre of course she came very close to our bow and was very apologetic about her actions but we never came in contact so no harm done. We hope to catch up with Mike and Wendy for a chat now we know where they are.

Beautiful ornate bridge by Midland Chandlery in Braunston

We had planned on walking into the village but the thunder is still rolling around the hills and the rain keeps falling so it’s time to have a read or siesta, what ever mood takes us.
On to Rugby tomorrow and hopefully catch up with Mike and Liz on Snecklifter for a chat and catchup.

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