Saturday, 4 August 2007

Painting day.

Still moored above Osney lock.

As today turned out to be another warm fine day I managed to get some more painting done. The first top coat is now finished hopefully with the weather forecast for the week-end I may get to finish the second coat.
We have spoken to Ray the lock keeper and he has told us that he is now starting to shut down some of sluices. We have been watching the water level go up and down every time he makes a change with the sluices. Water levels are now good but the river is still running very fast through here. Red boards are starting to change to Yellow but EA are advising people to check ALL locks on their journey before setting off otherwise they may find themselves no better off.
Northmoor lock normally has an operating level of 4’ 10’’ below the lock but at present is still sitting at 10’ so there is still a hell of a lot of water still to come down river yet. It is going to take EA staff a long time to clear up the mess after things return to normal.
Dot, Ron and Enid went for a walk up to Godstow lock this afternoon but only got about a mile from here when their journey had to be aborted due to the towpath still being under water.

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