Saturday, 26 July 2008

Crazy weather, crazy boaters.

6 locks, 11 Miles. Now moored at Alrewas.

We headed off early this morning planning to go as far as possible before threatened rain and thunder storms arrived. As the morning wore on it was getting warmer and more humid, sure sign of an impending thunder storm.

Arriving at Dallow Lock, we were pleased to see the first narrow lock we have seen for weeks since passing through Foxton Lock Flight on the Grand Union Leicester Line. Easier to manage alone and much quainter than the double locks on the Grand Union and rivers. This mural was painted under Dallow Lane Bridge. There were murals on both sides of the road bridge alongside the lock but the others didnt photograph too well.

Our first stop was at Branston, the original home of the famous pickle and sauce. Morrison's supermarket is only 5 minutes walk from the canal near the A38 bridge so we took the opportunity to stock up as we are not too sure of what shops are available further up the line. We probably came back to the boat with more than we planned but you can't look a gift horse in the mouth especially with regular use item's. We had lunch before we set off again and at this stage it was getting very hot with high cloud.

A short way up the canal and it became very narrow with boats moored all along one side. We were pottering along quietly when we saw an old 60 footer approaching too fast for the conditions,there was no where for us to go but she had the option of pulling into a gap between 2 boats on the towpath side. Instead of this she just kept coming, so I put the boat into reverse to stop. The next thing that happened was that she hit a moored boat that was luckily unoccupied, bounced off that and was heading straight for us, thankfully we hit side on and the fenders took the brunt. Needless to say there was a terse exchange of words to which all she could say was "sorry". I just hope that there was no damage inside the moored boat. What's the matter with these people? I would hate to see her behind the wheel of a car!

After this we had an uneventful cruise up to where we are now moored. The village sound's as if it is very much like Braunston so we will go and have a look around tomorrow.

Maybe this could be British Waterways new means of keeping the towpath clear

1350 locks, 1937 miles, 43 Tunnels, 42 swing bridges and 19 lift bridges since Nov 2006

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