Thursday, 10 July 2008

Stop Diesel Thief's

Still moored Beeston Lock, Beeston Cut, Nottingham Canal.

This morning we took a stroll down to the Beeston Marina who have a well stocked chandlery. On the shopping list were a new centre rope as one of the existing ropes has been shortened due to wear and tear, a new grease gun cartridge and a tin of stern gear grease and a security locking fuel cap if they had any. Well the first 3 were easily sorted but the locking cap was a bit of a problem. They had them in stock but I was unsure about the dimensions so we had to return to the boat and detach the existing cap for comparison. It turned out that the hole into the tank was only 4cm but the new fitting was between 5cm and 6cm.Well nothing for it but to purchase the new fitting and then set too and file the hole out. As the file was magnetic it attracted a lot of the filings and after I had finished I used my mechanics friend magnet which is great for retrieving nuts and bolts from awkward places to clean out any filings that had fallen into the tank. After doing about 50 drops into the tank and pulling out more and more metallic rubbish I eventually gave up as I considered that I had not produced this amount of filings and a lot of the rubbish had been in the tank since manufacture. The job took me longer than planned but a job well done. I just beat the heavy rain too.

Unfortunately it's not brass, but what's the most important?

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Paul (from Waterway Routes) said...

I bet the next chandlery you pass has a brass one in the window designed for a 4cm hole.