Thursday, 31 July 2008

Guess who we found?

6 Locks, 10 Miles. Now moored at Penkridge on the Staffordshire & Worcestshire Canal.

Junction of Trent & Mersey and Staffordshire & Worcestershire Canals

Beautiful bridge 109 with original paving

Even though it was raining this morning there was still a constant queue for the lock so by the time we were ready we just had to pull forward and join the queue. Coming up behind us were the cheese and fudge boats who slotted in to where we had been as they are staying for the concert and fireworks week-end. They should sell plenty I would think.

The rain showers kept up until about 11am when the weather started to improve. Since turning onto the Staffordshire & Worcestshire Canal there has been a noticeable reduction of boats on the move. At lock 40 we stopped for a short while to visit Midland Chandlery. By the time we reached Penkridge we were starting to think about where to moor for the night when we spotted a familiar boat in the shape of "Kalimera" with a slot just big enough for us immediately in front. With no further ado we slotted in perfectly while the going was good.

About half an hour later there came a lot of knocking and banging along the hull so we knew that Derek and Christina had returned. They had been into town for some provisions and are planning on moving up to the next lock and water point for the night. We will stay here and move on tomorrow.

1365 locks, 1962 miles, 44 Tunnels, 42 swing bridges and 19 lift bridges since Nov 2006

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