Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Cursed money machines.

5 Locks 4 Miles. Now moored above Potters lock.

This morning I had to make another unexpected trip into Ripley due to a Barclays bank money machine swallowing my debit card yesterday. Just lucky we have the bus passes because that would have been another £4.40 for the return journey.

When I spoke to the lady behind the glass screen at Barclays I was asked if it was a Lloyds bank card to which I answered that it was. She then told me that only Barclays bank cards are retained, any other cards are automatically destroyed. Bloody marvellous, their machine caused the problem, now I'm stuck with the problem of getting a new card. I was politely told where I would find a Lloyds bank and to go and speak to them. I was not a happy chappie.

Round the corner at Lloyds the staff were not at all fazed about the situation and soon had another card ordered and a cash withdrawal made. The only problem now is that the replacement will have to be sent to our London address and then work out a way of getting it to us where ever we may be.

Old Nottingham Canal enters Northern Basin- now used for moorings

Original Nottingham Canal Toll office

Well that was the morning taken care of and we knew that today's travel would only take a couple of hours so there was no problem on this score. After the week-ends mediocre weather today is gloriously sunny and hot but we still have that infernal wind although not as strong as it has been. Along the way we couldn't help but notice how clear the water was and with the sun shining down onto it we could see the fish as we went. There was a shoal of large bream, a solitary carp. umpteen jack pike and many shoals of roach.

A couple of new bridges on the Erewash Canal(two years work according to the signs)

Just before we moored up we had to give the propeller a reverse blast twice to clear away some debris, so after mooring up I went down the weed hatch to see if anything was still attached to the prop shaft. I finished up attacking it with a knife as there was rope, string, plastic, fishing nylon and a couple of feet of heavy duty weed strimmer nylon. The latter was about 2mm thick and no way would it break but I eventually succeeded in clearing everything ready for tomorrow.

1326 locks, 1904 miles, 43 Tunnels, 42 swing bridges and 19 lift bridges since Nov 2006

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