Wednesday 2 July 2008

Cruising new territory once more.

12 Locks 5 Miles. Now moored at Kilby Bridge.

Foxton Swingbridge out of action after being hit by a vehicle some time ago.
Photo taken yesterday after it was expected to be repaired.
Obviously no sign of that yet!

First signs of maintenance we have seen for a long time.
New edging near Debdale wharf.

So we didn't miss out on getting a mooring at Kilby Bridge, which apparently is a very popular spot to stop before or after Leicester,we set off just after 8am this morning. Another beautiful day was on the cards but the persistent wind was still present and got stronger as the day wore on. Just after 10am we spotted a moored boat that we had been keeping an eye open for, this was Mo and Vanessa on N/b Balmaha hiding away in one of their favourite country hideaways. We hailed them as we drew alongside and was immediately invited in for coffee. We found a mooring not far from them and walked back for a catch up on all the gossip. It was nearly 2 hours before we eventually tore ourselves away with a vow to meet up later in the year around Coventry somewhere.

'A rose between two thorns'. Vanessa with Derek and Mo of Nb Balmaha

Our travelling companions who had been patiently waiting for us thought we had been abducted by bandits. Heading into lock country we were lucky in that there were quite a few boats travelling in the opposite direction making things easier. We did see some contractors cutting the grass around the locks and along the towpath but they were not cutting it right to the waters edge making mooring difficult in places especially where you jump off into a bed of stinging nettles. OUCH.

Church in the middle of nowhere just before spotting Nb Balmaha

Our first job upon arrival at Kilby Bridge was to find and use the water point and pump out facilities. Mooring up for the pump out proved awkward as the mooring rings are in the wrong places and the pump out hose was barely long enough. Nb Kalimera was sorted out first and then we had to go and wind and come back to the facilities as our pump out point is on the port side. We had just finished servicing our boat and were preparing to reverse back to the winding hole when 2 boats approached from the south. Luckily the first boat wanted to use the facilities so we carried on reversing back which caused a lot of people to stop and gawk. I could see it in their faces, can he do it, will he hit another boat? For about 10 minutes we were the centre of attention but I'm afraid they were bitterly disappointed as the maneuvering went without a hitch despite a gusty side wind. Once we were back facing in the right direction again we found a good mooring even though it was getting on for 4pm.

1266 locks, 1834 miles, 43 Tunnels, 42 swing bridges and 19 lift bridges since Nov 2006


Jenny and Robin said...

How nice it is to see Derek looking so fit and well how about a current photo of Dot.

Robin & Jenny

Derek and Dot said...

Hi Jenny and Robin
I spend most of my time behind the camera not in front of it, as you do Jenny. Not long now, see you soon.
Regards Dot