Saturday, 30 August 2008

All on our lonesome.

Still moored at Trevor Basin.

Last evening I popped my head out of the rear hatch to find that both boats that had been moored in front of us had gone. There was a hire boat in the winding hole but I assumed he was just winding. A quick shout to Dot and we soon had Gipsy Rover on the move. Luckily we had the engine running to charge the batteries. As we pulled back into the bank just above the winding hole the hire boat made his intention clear that he too wanted  to moor up for the night. As it turned out there was enough room behind us so everybody was happy.  Where we were previously moored at the end of the arm we were on an angle to the bank and in the mud which smelt dreadful whenever it was disturbed by other boat movements.

Today it has been so quiet around the basin with mainly just trip boats coming and going. Even Anglo Welsh have only 4 boats on their moorings. We can only assume that everybody is heading for Llangollen and the Balloon festival this week-end and I'm picking that moorings up there will be at a premium.

Tonight it seems that we have the whole of the Trevor basin to ourselves and it so quiet you could hear a pin drop. It depends on the prevailing wind and tomorrows weather as to whether the Balloons get airborne and could possibly drift in our direction, so we may see some of the action even though we are 4 miles away.

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