Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Grindley Brook

6 Locks, 5 Miles, 4 Lift bridges. Now moored at ( bridge 43) cancel that, bridge 44.

Even though our overnight mooring should have been very peaceful and quiet we were all awake just after 6am, which wasn't a surprise as it had been blowing a gale half the night. So it was an early breakfast and an 8am start towards Grindley Brook locks and staircase flight. We started off in overcast conditions but we hadn't gone far when it started to rain AGAIN. As it turned out we were not the only early birds as there were 2 boats ahead of us when we arrived at lock 6.The first boat was well ahead of us as he cleared the top of the staircase flight just as we entered the bottom. After we had done the first 3 locks I went in search of the BW lock keeper and he gave the OK to follow the preceding boat up the staircase.

By the time we reached our mooring ( Platt Lane bridge) for the night the hire boats were coming through thick and fast and of course we just happened to moor near the bridge hole which is blind from both directions so there were hire boats jostling for position all over the place.

After lunch we went for a walk into the village such as it is with a detour to the local farm shop selling eggs, potato's and fresh ice cream. Unfortunately they have suspended making the ice cream for the time being as they have bought the Waggoner Inn pub on the other side of the village which was burnt out some time ago and are concentrating on rebuilding and re-opening it early next year.

I returned to the boat to catch up on doing the blog while the others carried on to find a craft shop somewhere close by but when they finally returned they had also found a shop selling hot fresh bread and freshly picked vegetables and reported that there were much better moorings further up the canal. So while I finish writing this Robin and Dot are moving the boat to a new overnight mooring just short of bridge 44.

1420 locks, 2032 miles, 45 Tunnels, 42 swing bridges and 25 lift bridges since Nov 2006

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