Monday, 4 August 2008

The Friendly Shroppie

Still moored near bridge 8, Shropshire Union Canal.

Our first week-end on the Shroppie has certainly been interesting and we even got a personal welcome from Brian Holmes on "Thursday's Child" who is member of the Shropshire Union Canal Society. He presented us with an April edition of the societies journal called "Cuttings" and a couple of pamphlets with the history and mooring sites along the canal. This should make our stay in this region even more enjoyable.

Brewood Park moorings on the Shropshire Union Canal

Despite the constant threat of rain I have managed to strip, undercoat, paint and grit the starboard gunnels so that there are no more rusty bald patches to annoy me. In between times I have finished some of the little chores where I have been altering things inside the cabin.

Here we are and its August already, we have barely had any summer and the day's are starting to shorten, let's hope for an Indian summer. I hope the weather in New Zealand is no indication of what we might expect this coming winter as they have been getting quite a battering lately with some nasty storm's.

Being a Sunday, there has been a lot of movement on the canal and the towpath and a lot of people stopping or passing to chat. One such couple was the crew of N/b Marala blog followers of ours who went past twice. They would like to leave the concrete jungle for a life on the cut but as at present they still find it necessary to earn a few quid here or there. Still, plenty of time to design their dream boat before taking the plunge. All the best guy's, drop us an email, let us know who you are.

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