Monday, 11 August 2008

Was it Windy!

3 Locks, 2½ miles. Now moored at Coole Pilate picnic area.

Yesterday we called into the Audlem Mill and ordered 2 cross stitch kit's which they promised would be ready first thing this morning. Sure enough they were as good as their word because when Dot called in this morning just after they opened the shop they were waiting on the front counter for her. Dot also bought what they call Lap frames to put the Aida cloth on making stitching much easier. I was a little skeptical but after trying one out with the cross stitch I am working on, I found that I more than doubled the work achieved in the same period of time.

After having to wait in a queue at Audlem to fill the water tank we eventually got away just after 9.30am. Dot was on the boat and I was doing the locks. Just as we had got into the first lock it started to drizzle with rain. I grabbed my parka that was ready just in case but by the time we reached the 2nd lock the sun had come out again so I disposed of the parka as I was getting rather warm. Upon reaching the 3rd lock the sky clouded over again rather quickly and we got a real good downpour this time but my parka was on the boat midstream so I got rather wet. Damn silly weather. We only had a short distance to travel to our next mooring but we had gone from a tree covered protected cutting to flat open country where it was blowing a virtual gale. We had no problem mooring as the wind pushed us into the bank. As the day wore on the the wind never abated but got very cold making it feel like winter.

1399 locks, 2007½ miles, 45 Tunnels, 42 swing bridges and 19 lift bridges since Nov 2006

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