Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Au Revoir Robin & Jenny.

Still moored at Trevor Basin.

Our final morning together was a laid back affair with pancakes for breakfast just for a change. Jenny and I took it in turns to be cook so that we all got them piping hot straight out of the pan. Robin spent the morning with Dot sorting out some computer stuff for their mail.

About 11.30 an early lunch was organised as Robin had a rental car booked for 12 noon.At about 11.50 we wandered down to the Anglo Welsh car park where the rental car company were supposed to pick them up. By 12.30 no sign of them so Robin rang them only to be told they didn't know where to pick them up from and it would be some time before 2pm. That sorted, a car was on it's way, so they reckon. By 1pm still no car so another phone call only to be told "where are you?" They had been told at least 3 times "Anglo Welsh boatyard at Trevor" , what is the matter with these people?

Any way to cut a long story short the car finally arrived close on 2pm with a "local" driver who sounded very Irish to me not Welsh. This shot Robin's plans to bits as he is planning on driving to Birmingham this afternoon so he may be a bit late at his next over night booking.

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