Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Comings and Goings.

Over the week-end we have had Tracey come and stay with us which saved her having to travel in and out of London twice as her company had her working in Birmingham on Friday and today.

With the weather improving we have seen quite a lot of hire boats on the move while sitting it out at Newbold. However it has also bought two of our earlier boating contacts back to Rugby. Les on Nb Valerie was the first to arrive and we have had a couple of coffee mornings with him catching up on our trials and tribulations.

Today we walked down to Brownsover and along the way we spotted Pete on Nb Pickles 2 who we first met on the Ashby Canal. We had a quick chat and he is now moored a few boats away from us. He has been busy painting the outside of the boat before the rust got a grip and it looks quite different to what it was in undercoat grey.

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