Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Day 8 of the Big Snow.

Since our return to Gypsy Rover there has been no sign of a thaw and last evening it started to snow again depositing another 2 inches of the white stuff on top of what is already here. In the early hours of Saturday morning the temperature dropped to minus 11 degrees, a record for us. Needless to say we are frozen in once more and will not be moving for quite some time. The forecast is for more snow tonight and ice for the coming week. Yesterday 3 boats passed through here breaking the ice which was inches thick and when that freezes over again will become even thicker.

Hillmorton 002-1

Note the BW enforcement gentleman in the background logging the boats

We are close to the water point  here at Hillmorton but not close enough to use the hose so we have to ferry it using 5 litre containers. With another 100 litres or so extra on board we were able to use the washing machine, its surprising how you always come back from holiday with a pile of dirty laundry.  Still it’s not that bad as it gives us some exercise and keeps us warm. As for the diesel we are thankful that Iain and Alison on coal/diesel boat Gosty Hill are providing an excellent fortnightly service and keeping us fully operational.

The towpath and country lane are both still passable so we just crunch our way up to the main road to catch the #3 bus into town and frequent Sainsbury’s or Iceland instead of the usual Tesco’s.

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