Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Slow Boat to ?????

0 Locks, 2 Miles, 2 Tunnels. Now moored at Brownsover.

There is no other way to describe today’s little journey which we have done many, many times. It started out when we left Newbold to travel through bridge 50 to the water point where we had to wait as there was already a boat watering up. We also had to travel slowly as a British Waterways work boat with 4 men aboard were trimming overhanging vegetation on the non towpath side of the canal.

Tank full and we were off again through Newbold tunnel up to the winding hole at bridge 48. As we passed the BW guys again we asked how far they were going to which they replied “Coventry” which was good news. Just before we reached the winding hole Nb Matilda Rose passed us heading south.

Graham and Jill on Matilda Rose, hopefully we will meet up again in the summer up north.

After the usual exchange of pleasantries Dot became aware of who we were talking to as Graham called that they were coming down to see us for a cuppa. We had made tentative arrangements to perhaps meet up at some stage as we were in the same area. With a quick shout of “Meet you at Newbold” and it was all on. We winded and headed back to meet Graham and Jill with dog’s Baxter and Muttley who are father and son. Apparently they have been following our blog before they had even bought Matilda Rose. Over the next hour or so and a cuppa we chatted while they filled their water tank. Eventually we had to tear ourselves away as we had not achieved any of the tasks that we had lined up for the day and time was ticking on.

We eventually reached Brownsover nearly 5 hours after we originally slipped our mooring on a journey that would normally only take less than an hour. Such is life on the “Cut”. We got most of our chores done but we still have a couple of things to do tomorrow morning before we start heading North.

1587 locks, 3342 miles, 57 Tunnels, 43 swing bridges and 39 lift bridges since Nov 2006

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