Wednesday, 11 February 2009

A Nocturnal Pair!

The thaw has started but we still have a lot of snow here.

This morning we hopped on a bus to Tesco’s which was a bit of a long winded trip. The reason being they are the only stockist’s of Dot’s favourite Coffee Mate and we had completely run out.We opted to walk back to town for some exercise so that we could drop off our repeat prescriptions at the doctors.

Back at the boat our neighbour on Nb Panacea pointed out a Long Eared Owl sitting in a bush opposite his boat which he had been observing since mid morning. I took some photo’s and downloaded them onto the computer. While observing the bird from the kitchen window I suddenly realised that in fact there were two of them roosting in adjacent bushes so I got out my tripod in an attempt to obtain better photo’s. We were also told to keep a look out for a Water Rail which he had seen. Apparently they can be mistaken for immature moorhens and are quite shy so we will have to wait and see if it is going to show itself again.

Sorry about the quality of the photos but you get the general idea.

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