Monday, 9 February 2009

Osborne House Isle of Wight

Country home of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. We were lucky with Osborne House because we had been told that it was booked groups only this time of year but on talking to the rep at the Tourist Information office he told us to ring and book. This we did and got a reservation on the last guided tour of Thursday. Back at the hotel I announced my findings to all our travelling companions over dinner and finished up with 6 other couples joining us. We travelled out by a local bus and of course we all had our bus passes so that was a freebie. When we checked in at Osborne house we were asked “Party of 14 is it”? to which we replied “Yes” and promptly got 15% off the concession rate. Nice one! The tour company we were travelling with had an optional tour of a winery on the same afternoon at an extra cost of ₤9.00 which was cancelled due to lack of interest. I wonder why?

The original entrance to Osborne house has now been rebuilt to become the entrance to the garden.

Osborne House with Queen Victorias private entrance, the guest entrance is on the right.

The rear of the house with the beautifully landscaped gardens leading down to the private beach. Unfortunately a lot of the statues were covered due to our out of main season visit.

Closer view of her majesty's private entrance behind which is the grand staircase.

If you are interested in learning more on Osborne House watch BBC1 at 9pm on 22nd February.

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