Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Back on the Ashby.

0 Locks 11.82 Miles. Now moored at Hinckley

Visibility was down to a couple of hundred yards this morning as we set off, first port of call was the BW yard just through bridge 31 for water and then it was non stop to the Ashby Canal.

Ashby canal 001 Hartshill, Coventry Canal, 10am and it was still poor visibility.Ashby canal 002Mist slowly dissipating on the Coventry Canal.

We played cat and mouse with a Kingfisher who allowed us to get probably the closest we have ever been to one of these beautiful little birds but still not close enough for a good photo. We also flushed out a cock Pheasant who flew over our heads giving us a right ticking off for disturbing him.

Ashby canal 011Starline boats, Boot Wharf. This one's only a tiddler of about 10 ton's.

Passing through Nuneaton we noticed that the allotments have certainly made a resurgence in popularity, more and more of the unkempt plot’s now nicely cultivated and at least a dozen or so people busy tending them. A real hive of activity.

Ashby canal 012 Some canal side gardens are a credit to their owners, this one seen in Nuneaton

By 11am the sun finally burnt through the mist and for a very short while it was gloriously warm but then some cloud rolled in and that was the end of that. After we had moored up for the day the sky cleared but by this time the sun was low in the sky hidden behind a hedgerow.

Ashby canal 016 Marsden Junction, Ashby and Coventry Canals.

2027 locks, 3940.53 miles, 76 tunnels, 130 swing bridges and 54 lift bridges since Nov 2006

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